Hudson Wine Brokers (HWB) is a boutique wine importer introducing regional and authentic wines of Australia to the US food and wine community.


The portfolio has been put together to highlight benchmark wineries from the 14 most important, unique and distinct regions in Australia; producers and regions that are close to the hearts of Australian diners and wine drinkers but previously unknown to the exciting US food and wine scene.


The website gives a good overview of each winery and pays reference to their importance and ties to the respective regions. There are  great stories to learn, good places to hear about or visit and some of the best drinking to be had. We hope that with time and taste, these wines will show the US wine drinker that quality Australian vino shows a sense of place that matches the great wines of our favorite producers in France, California, Germany and Italy.

The Team

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Henry Hudson

While Henry's background has primarily been in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors, he has always been a passionate supporter of the Australian food and wine scene. Having previously relocated to the US, he has set out to share this passion for premium regional Australian wines with the US wine drinker. He leads HWB in a focused approach to ensuring these great wines are available in a range of targeted markets, providing the avid wine consumers access to the current Australian wine scene. Being now based between Los Angeles and Sydney, he is in regular contact with our winemakers as well as our initial base of loyal supporters in LA.

J.D. Wagoner

Based in NYC, J.D. manages sales and marketing for the East Coast of the US. After running multiple award-winning beverage programs in Georgia and Florida, he joined Florida-based Augustan Wine Imports in 2017. As fate would have it, J.D. met Henry while working the market together showcasing the wines of HWB in the summer of 2018. Soon after he packed up and moved to NYC to spread the Aussie love. Aside from all things wine-related, he is passionate about food, sneakers, golf,  UNC basketball, UGA football, and Doberman Pinschers.

Kelly Voelkel 

With over 10 years of wine education and experience, Kelly Voelkel is excited to bring his knowledge and talents to Hudson Wine Brokers. Kelly began his wine education in Northern California, learning the basics from some of the best sommeliers & winemakers in Napa and Sonoma counties. Upon returning to Texas, he furthered his education through the Court of Master Sommeliers. Kelly's wine education led to him becoming a buyer for some of Austin's classic wine focused establishments & a top wine sales representative at two prestigious wine companies - selling over a million dollars a year of inventory.   He feels very lucky to be friends with some of the best known wine professionals and enjoys mentoring the next rising stars of the scene. In his spare time he cooks for his friends, catches up on Netflix, and throws axes. If you don't already know him, you should.

Tom Donegan

As one of the original team at Hudson Wine Brokers, Tom spent four years crossing the US tasting, educating and sharing these unique wines with retailers and restaurants across the US. Originally based in LA and then in NY, he was able to grow the market for these wines, so that they are now available in independent retailers and fine establishments in over 25 States. Having spent over five years in the US, Tom recently relocated back to his home town Melbourne. There he is working with a leading Australian winery in a Market Development role. In addition, Tom is consulting to Hudson Wine Brokers on new additions to the portfolio and tasting new vintages and wines that are making an impression in the Melbourne dining scene.

Rob Geddes MW

Rob is an author (most recently for the iconic Australian Wine Vintages “The Gold Book”), an educator, a respected wine judge and a charismatic public speaker. Rob was the third Australian to pass the rigorous IMW exams and become a Master of Wine. Having over forty years experience in the Australian wine industry, Rob keeps Hudson Wine Brokers connected to the Australian wine scene - both in terms of wine styles and excitng new winemakers. Keep an eye out for some of Rob's video tasting notes on HWB wineries that we publish frequently.  

Deborah Gray

Deborah M. Gray began importing Australian wine into the US in 1992 with her family’s brand, The Cowra Estate. She served on the first wine board of Austrade in New York, predecessor to Wine Australia. Deborah manages all logistics, warehousing, invoicing and compliance requirements of Hudson Wine Brokers.